How it all works  - Click here for our flyer .pdf

Donated bikes are packed in proper travel boxes. These are lightweight and easy to handle. The airlines take these as regular luggage. Some airlines charge $30 a bike while others offer free transport under humanitarian aid..

Upon arrival at the Cuban airport the bike boxes are simply put on a cart along with your regular luggage. Cuban customs staff  allow one bike per passenger without any difficulties. Our contacts in Cuba then meet right at the airport to pick up the bikes. The whole process is simple!

We need more equipment too, so donations are always welcome. Items like tires, pedals, wheels, bikes, jerseys, helmets... almost anything... are needed.

Quote from one volunteer tourist:

"This was my first trip to Cuba and I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to take donated bicycles along. It all worked out very well. Jeff delivered the four bikes to the airport and helped us check them in. In Cuba the local school coach met us and picked up the bikes. They packed all four bikes into a tiny ancient Lada and off they went to Banes. Seeing the joy on their faces made the whole experience worth it! I am sure to take more bikes on my next trip." ...Kimberley Kennedy

Here is just one of the bikes sent to Cuba. This bike was assembled using wheels, frame and parts donated by over a dozen people! It was delivered at Christmas 2010.

CONTACT DETAILS: Jeff Reid phone 416-937-0095